Non-work/school Time

Everybody has things that they do in their spare time. I am usually listening to music if it doesn’t conflict with other things that I’m doing. This is important for me.  Parallel with that, I’m usually with Joy, my beautiful wife.  We are best friends and are always in the same place.  During those times with Joy and music, I will usually be learning something new, via Wikipedia or something, or I will be programming something for my computers. Computers are quite demanding pets.
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Five Foods

I do love flavor. There are many individual ingredients that I would have trouble living without, but maybe I can choose five foods that, combined, would end up giving me all my ingredients. I would say my first food would be a green chili smothered burrito. I love those things and it gives me a bunch of the spices, like cumin, coriander, and cilantro, and staples, like beans, beef, and flour.
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