Symbian OpenSource?

I saw a blog by Harald Welte that calls them out. I did a little digging myself and you can see links to the source code in the build logs and when you click on it, you get a big fat permission denied: “The page you are trying to access is restricted to members of the Symbian Foundation.” What’s the deal with saying that Symbian is OpenSource?!?! Bad Nokia, bad!


I was sort of kidnapped today!

I spent all evening trying to get a friend’s internet working. It was midnight by the time I left, but that wasn’t a problem because buses and the metro run till 1AM. Or, so I thought! They should, but some apparently don’t make the last run of the day because of traffic, or because there wasn’t any traffic, or because the stars aren’t in alignment.

Anyhow, I wait at the bus stop for 45 minutes, and realize that there is no bus for me. And no metro. And I’m walking home…

I figure that it would have taken me like an hour and a half. I’m glad I didn’t calculate anything in my head, and I’m glad I didn’t! I got to the first metro station from where I was and made sure that it really closes when they say they do. Which they do. But, it was a warm place and I was cold, so I warmed up and then headed back out. I made it a half a block and was “enlisted”. People know the hierarchy of strength very well here in Russia, and there is no getting out of helping somebody who asks for it. This older guy, back bent from a life of hard work, calls me over as a bus pulls up and has me help him and his 60lb. bag on a rolling cart into the bus. I’m amazed at his strength, I think he did more of the lifting than I did! Unfortunately, the doors slam shut the second we are both on the bus! This guy lured me into a trap! 🙂

I figure another warm place, heading in a not too different direction than I need to go, would be a good place to sit down and check the map and plot my next move. I come to figure out that this bus will let me off 20-30 minutes from my apartment! That’s great! I was all worried about being on some random bus that was going to make my walk longer, and yet things worked out better than I could have ever planned. A bus, that shouldn’t have been operating that late, that I had never heard of before, was exactly what I would have passed up. But it was exactly what I needed. Thanks God!