I think there is one amazing thing about Facebook.  It makes it so that the entry cost for sharing is cheap.  It makes it easy to produce and to share ideas.  I think it is a great to reduce the cost of sharing, of producing.  When the cost of sharing is too low, people share things that are not interesting.  Facebook has helped with this by using algorithms to filter the popular and good ideas to the top, instead of just ordering it by time.  Reddit does this using a great mathematical equation that bases the weight on time, votes up, and votes down.  Many other sites have different ways to filter out bad content from good content.

This happens in your own life too.  You have many ideas.  Some are good, some are bad.  You may give time to your ideas based on how good they are and how long ago you had it.  Unfortunately, you don’t have a good way of measuring how good your ideas are, so you don’t always give the right priority to your best ideas.  This is where it is important to write all of your ideas down.  Keep a little notebook of ideas so that you don’t dump your good ideas even when they initially seem bad.  The next thing you need to do is to get your friends to help you filter through your ideas.  Only the people that would help you actually think through the ideas and not steal the best ones.  My wife fills this role in my life.  My blog may start to be the second place where my ideas show up.  Either way.  I want to be more deliberate about sharing and getting feedback.

What is the method you use to keep your good ideas around and then evaluate them through a different lens?

Where do you share your best ideas? (up to your top two)

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