Sarcasm, oh how we love you!  It’s a great way to banter if somebody receives it well, but it is also a way to lose all of your friends.

Wiktionary says that sarcasm comes from the greek “gnash the teeth (in anger), literally, to strip off the flesh”.  Wow, intense.  It really can be that way though.  I assume that between cultures it can really cause problems.

There were early times in Russia that I didn’t understand the sarcasm because I assumed that Americans were the most sarcastic people on earth.  Once I figured out that these people were like us, I really felt more at home.

Sarcasm is also a way that I notice people crossing the line between passive aggressive and aggressive.  It’s an indication that they may actually start doing something about their situations and relationships that cause pain.

I’ve noticed that sarcasm can be a reaction, like in the above example, but it can also be a way to bond.  When the sarcasm is targeted outside of the relationship or situation, it can be really fun to joke about it.  I think that is one of the ways that I bond really well.  It takes a few seconds still to make sure that the person is not frustrated with me, but after that, I can really get into it.

I’ve noticed sarcasm here in Bulgaria, and I love it.  It’s great to joke with my friend Krum about things.  Either we joke about having first world problems or we make fun of each other.  It works because we both know that we really like each other.  It’s always dangerous though, because we don’t know each other’s emotional scars and vulnerabilities.  How do you know too far before it’s too late?

I try to always monitor the situation and reactions to my sarcasm.  If anybody feels me become too sarcastic with them, or if they feel like too much of our relationship is sarcastic, please, just say something.  There are times that I feel the same way and it’s good to know that it’s sarcasm and not aggression.  What do you think?  Am I too sarcastic?

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