Non-work/school Time

Everybody has things that they do in their spare time. I am usually listening to music if it doesn’t conflict with other things that I’m doing. This is important for me.  Parallel with that, I’m usually with Joy, my beautiful wife.  We are best friends and are always in the same place.  During those times with Joy and music, I will usually be learning something new, via Wikipedia or something, or I will be programming something for my computers. Computers are quite demanding pets.

Right now I’m working on getting the next version of the Internet working on my computers to get ready for World IPv6 Launch Day. So demanding. Sub-projects involve firewalls, secure file sharing between the computers, and backups to make sure that my data is safe. When I’m not doing that, I’m working on organizing my music or revolutionizing the way I listen to music. Either mobility oriented or seamless listening has always fascinated me. I want to always have good music and I want it to follow me everywhere.   This behavior with computers is what I, and many before me, call hacking; mass media needs to learn what a hacker is and stop misusing the term.  Look on Wikipedia; there are three distinct meanings for this word.

Our dog Liza is also a big part of my free time.  She loves to take walks and loves to snuggle.  Joy and I just love dogs.

NPR News Summary
NPR News Summary

I listen to pretty much every Marketplace (Money, Tech, and Marketplace) podcast and listen to the latest NPR Hourly News Summary every time I go outside.

Add in some exercise, eating, and sleeping and you have my life.

I’m trying to add in a couple of things: rock climbing (I’m going tonight to the local gym) and reading.  I used to listen to hours of Librivox audio books, but I’ve gotten out of the habit.  I used to rock climb quite often.  Got to get back into those.

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