Night Owl!

What kind of aviary do you live in?  Are you a summer penguin, a winter duck?  I’m personally more nocturnal and I love all dry or snowy seasons. I am most productive after noon and my whole day is kinda shot if I wake up before I would naturally wake.  Not really shot, but I only have a couple of productive hours right at the beginning.  It’s one of the tougher things about life, should we reduce productivity in order to work better together, or should we reduce productivity by not working together.  Obviously it is some combination of the two.  My foundation is great in that it doesn’t have very many specific events that everybody needs to be there for.  We work together, but we do it in a way that most people can focus on their first job, and then get the foundation’s work done when they are best able to.  This way I’m able to work when I am at my best.

As for climate, I pretty much just don’t like rain and mud.  I’ll live in a dry place, a cold place, a snowy place.  It’s all the same to me.

via Are you an early bird or a night owl?.

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