Leadership Position

I’ve held a few leadership positions in my life, even if I’m more of a “support others” type of person. One of the ways that I have helped is by leading a group of international students at my university called “Phi Beta Delta”.

It is always tough living in another country, so it was great to be able to organize people and make sure that they had a community.  It was also an amazing learning experience for me to learn about the way a university club is run and the details of budgets and trying to please my constituents.  Because our society had voting rights on the student council, I had a large responsibility to represent international students.  Our school council was generally focused on student life and international students didn’t benefit from most of the events.  When I lived in Russia as a student, I didn’t feel very much like part of the school at large and it was great to be able to push for that at my home university.

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