iTunes with Rockbox

I love Rockbox. It breathed new life into my Toshiba Gigabeat due to it being far superior to the previous user interface. It also has a great deal more features. It reads the interface to me, so I can navigate blind. It has games built in. Most of all, it supports patent free audio formats like Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. Check out Why Rockbox for a larger list of features.

One thing that I see asked over an over about Rockbox is “How do I sync it with iTunes”? Many people just say it’s impossible, but I’ve found a way to organize my music with iTunes and have it be the same as what’s on my PMP: keep your iTunes library on your Rockbox music player! It does mean that when your Rockbox music player isn’t plugged into your computer, you can’t use iTunes, but that’s only a problem if your iTunes is shared with others. If you are the only one who uses your iTunes, then you can always have your library at your finger tips. Do note: you need to back up your music player! If you move your library and your music player dies, you lose all of your music! Use a backup program (I use rsync, but any backup program would work)!

Directions for how to move your media folder:
Mac | Windows

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